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Comprehensive Solutions for Sheet Metal Processing
We are a company with 17 years experience in sheet metal equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production of press brake, shearing machine, laser cutting machine and other equipment,we can provide customers with a complete scientific production plan as well as sheet metal equipment required.
Hydraulic Press Brake
There are Torsional bending machines and electric hydraulic bending machines, all passed the European CE certification; high quality steel plate and frame of ground boring and milling machine processing whole, and eliminated by high temperature annealing stress; equipped with famous brand components such as Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Schneider, etc.; Suitable for cycling, ships, windows, doors, elevators, hutch defends, etc..
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Hydraulic Shearing Machine
There are brake plate shears and pendulum shearing machines, all passed the European CE certification; the fuselage is made of floor-to-between boring and eliminated by high temperature annealing stress; equipped with famous brand components such as Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Schneider, etc.; the hydraulic shearing machines satisfy all kinds of simple cutting; plate shears blade material is 6 crw2si & H13, with stable performance and long service life.
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Laser Cutting Machine
300-6000W fiber laser cutting machines: can save around 70% energy than Co2 type; all GLDMA produced laser cutting machines passed the European CE certification, widely used in house electrical appliances manufacturing, precision appliance, auto parts, kitchen hardware, electronics, smart home decoration and advertisement area.
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Rolling Machine
There are 3-rolls rolling machine and 4-rolls rolling machine with mechanical type and CNC type; passed the European CE certification, widely used in different industry fields, like pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, and construction. Through the friction between the metal plate and rollers, it can pre-bend, roll round barrel shape, and also has a function of adjusting circle shape and leveling.
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Power Press Punching Machine
GLDMA supplies mechanical & pneumatic types of power press punching machines; the fuselage is the stamping production, mainly for sheet metal; through the mold, it can make blanking, punching, forming, drawing depth, finishing, shaping, riveting and extrusion, etc., widely used in various fields such as switch socket, cup, cupboard, dish, computer case; clients can combine the power press with material feeder, to build an automatic production line.
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Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic presses are commonly used for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. Besides metal sheet, wooden plate, powder also can be processed. It is very popular in daily necessities, automobile manufacturing industry. It can form automatic production line with punch, shearing machine, pipe bender, feeder and other equipment. Reduce manpower greatly and improve work efficiency.
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Iron Workers & Notching Machine
Adopting hydraulic driving system, iron workers can cut punch all kinds of holes. Various metal plates, square bar, angle steel, round iron, flat bars, profiled bars, channel steel and joist steel can be cutted, punched and notched on the machine. Multi-workstations make it possible to finish series operations simultaneously on one machine, such as punching, shearing and notching. Dual-piston-type combined punching and shearing machine allows two-man operation at the same time (stamping +another work station).
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Choose Press Brake by Pressure
Relationship between “Ton” and bending thickness:
"Ton" =65×thickness×thickness×length/(width of groove), width of groove= 8×thickness
Ton=65×T2×L/8×T, T=8×Ton/(65×L)   Tonnage Calculation
  • Company Profile
    Founded in 2000, GILDE commits to research & development of sheet metal machinery, best quality and performance.
  • Warranty Policy
    We have a professional technical team which will make the best plan for you in the first time according to your products and requirements.
  • Research & Development
    GILDE has more than 20 years experience for press brake and 16 years experience for plate shearing machine.
  • Certificate
    All the sheet metal processing machines meet EU international standards, with CE & SGS certifications to ensure quality.
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