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Hydraulic Presses Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are commonly used for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. Besides metal sheet, wooden plate, powder also can be processed. It is very popular in daily necessities, automobile manufacturing industry.

Three-beam four-column hydraulic press is consisted of main machine and control system. The hydraulic machine using PLC control system, through the pump and cylinder and a variety of hydraulic valve to achieve energy conversion, regulation and transportation, to complete a variety of process action cycle. This series of hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and the use of button centralized control can achieve both manual and automatic operation.

Three-beam four-pillar hydraulic press is mainly used 45#  cast steel,using the treatment of tempering and vibration, the frame of machine with high rigidity and high precision to ensure that the machine with small deformation of small features. Can also be customized to make moveable table front and back. According to the different choice of customers to develop, hydraulic cylinder travel height, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Three-beam four-column hydraulic press with compact structure, sensitive and reliable action, fast speed, low energy consumption, low noise, the pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range, very easy to operate.

The hydraulic press machine can be used in many fields, such as follow:

1. To adapt to various models of anti-theft door molding, pressure side, embossing and other parts.
2. Suitable for pressing covers, size elbow, pipe and other processes.
3. large cars, agricultural car covers and other parts.
4. boiler head, liquefier tank, stainless steel sink, bath and so on.
5. Ships, aviation, aerospace and other areas.

The main features of hydraulic press machine:

⑴ computer optimization structure design, machine structure with simple, economical and practical.
⑵ hydraulic control using cartridge valve integrated system with reliable action, long life, small hydraulic shock, reducing the connection pipe and leakage points.
⑶ independent electrical control system with reliable action and easy maintenance.
⑷ use button centralized control, with adjustment, manual and semi-automatic three kinds of operation.
⑸ through the operation panel selection, can achieve the process, constant pressure two forming process, and has a pressure and other functions.
⑹ the working pressure of slide, unload fast down and slow travel range can be adjusted according to the needs of the process.

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