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Power Press Punching Machine Power Press Punching Machine

The action is similar with hydraulic press. It is with high speed and usually used to produce small component part. Client can combine press with material feeder, to build an automatic production line.

According to the different transmission, the power press punch machine can be divided into mechanical type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic and pneumatic press; according to the different body structure can be divided into open and closed body press. As a large scale and professional sheet metal processing machine manufacturer in Anhui, here at GLDMA, we mainly produce mechanical and pneumatic types of power press punching machines.

According to the different ways of pressure, metal punch press machine can be divided into friction press and crank press. Mechanical transmission of the crank press the largest amount of use, is China's industrial sector in the most basic and most common types of pressure machinery. Among them, the small tonnage open body mechanical crank presses use more manual operation ratio, the corresponding accident rate is also high. This chapter will focus on the open body mechanical crank press.

Crank press consists of body, power transmission system, working mechanism and control system.

1. Body of Metal Punch Press

The fuselage consists of three parts: bed, base and table. The mat is used to install chess. Most of the fuselage for the cast iron materials, and large-scale presses made of steel welded together. The fuselage must first meet the stiffness, strength conditions, is conducive to vibration and noise reduction, to ensure the stability of the work of the press.

2. Power Transmission System of Metal Punching Machine

The power press train system consists of an electric motor, a transmission (gear drive or belt drive) and a flywheel, where the motor and flywheel are power components. In the press of the empty stroke, by the flywheel itself, the inertia of the accumulation of kinetic energy; in the moment the maximum force of the workpiece, the flywheel release the accumulated energy, so that the motor load balance, energy use reasonable to reduce vibration. Some punching machines use large gears or large pulleys to act as flywheels.

3. Working Organization of Power Press Punching Machine

Working mechanism is crankshaft, connecting rod and slider composed of crank connecting rod mechanism. The crankshaft is the most important part of the press, and its strength determines the punching capacity of the press; the connecting rod is the connecting piece, its both ends are hinged with the crankshaft and the slider; the slider with the upper mold is the actuator and finally the stamping action The The input power is rotated through the crankshaft to drive the link up and down, and the rotary motion is converted into a reciprocating linear motion of the slider along the guide rail fixed to the fuselage.

4. Operating System of Punch Press Machine

The operating system includes a clutch, a brake and an operating mechanism. Clutches and brakes play an important role in the intermittent punching of the control press, and at the same time the key to safety assurances, the structure of the clutch has a direct effect on the setting of certain safety devices. The steering device generally uses the foot switch.
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