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  • Shear MaterialShear MaterialMay 5, 2018It's the process of obtaining rectangular workpiece through shearing machine.Before cutting the cutting machine, check the material's width, length, thickness and material pattern to suit the requirem...view
  • BlankingBlankingMay 5, 2018It refers to the process of using mould to process the product shape on ordinary punch or other equipment.Using the press to separate the required materials from the motherboard, which is commonly kno...view
  • FormingFormingMay 5, 2018The process of using a mold to deform a workpiece on a common punch or other device.Sheet metal stamping is a kind of widely used in automotive, aerospace, equipment manufacturing industry production ...view
  • TappingTappingMay 5, 2018It refers to the process of processing internal threads on the workpiece.Thread is the most commonly used connection method for mechanical parts, and thread processing is often in the last step of the...view
  • PunchPunchMay 5, 2018It refers to the process of the workpiece by ordinary punch and die processing hole.Types of punchingCross hole, diamond shaped hole, fish scale hole, eight character hole, six square hole, punch plat...view
  • Rush TearRush TearMay 5, 2018It's also known as "bridge flush", which refers to the process of forming a workpiece like a bridge in a punch or hydraulic press die.Pressing riveting refers to the use of a bending machine or a hydr...view
  • RivetingRivetingMay 5, 2018A process in which two or more workpieces are closely connected together with a riveting gun as a tool.Riveting is a kind of riveting method, which is made by hand or compressed air, which makes speci...view
  • Cutting angleCutting angleMay 5, 2018The process of removing the angle of the workpiece by using the mold on the punch or hydraulic press.The cutting angle in stone processing is a common stone processing procedure, and the cutting angle...view
  • Rivet bondRivet bondMay 5, 2018It's the process of connecting two or more pieces of workpiece face to face with a rivet. If it is riveted, the workpiece must be sunk first.Rivet bond: The riveting is the alignment of the two holes,...view
  • Rivet NutRivet NutMay 5, 2018It refers to the use of similar riveting process. The process of firmly connecting the POP and other connectors to the workpiece with the puller.It is also known as pull rivet nut, instant pull cap, a...view
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