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The Common Faults Of Brake Press Machine Hydraulic Pump And Debugging The Common Faults Of Brake Press Machine Hydraulic Pump And Debugging

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By connecting scattered brake press machine hydraulic elements with oil pipes and pipe joints to form a complete hydraulic pump system. The performance of oil pipes and the structure of pipe joints have direct connection with the working condition of hydraulic pump system. In the following are introductions to common oil pipes and pipe joints. The combination of oil pipe and pipe joints is called Brake press machine hydraulic pump.

Brake press machine oil pipe

Oil pipes used in the Brake press machine hydraulic pump system are diversified, such as steel tube, copper pipe, nylon tube, plastic tube, rubber tube and so on. While choosing oil pipes, you should take the brake press machine hydraulic pump system's pressure (high or low), the installation site of hydraulic elements, and the working environment of hydraulic devices, etc. into consideration.

1. There are two kinds of Steel tubes, one is seamless steel tube, the other is welded steel tube. Seamless steel tube usually used to high pressure system, welded steel tube used to middle and low-pressure system. The features of steel tube are as followings: high anti-pressure ability, low price, high strength, good rigidity, but with difficulty in assembling and bending. Among all hydraulic devices, steel tube is the most widely used.

2. There are two kinds of copper tubes, one is brass pipe, the other is copper pipe. Copper tube is featured with easily assembling and bending, but copper tube also has disadvantages like low anti-pressure ability, bad seismic property, high price, and may cause the oxidization of hydraulic oil. Copper tube is usually used in the inner part of hydraulic devices where assembling is difficult or in the middle and low-pressure system with pressure among 0.5-10MPa.

3. Nylon tube is a new tube material with milk-white and translucent appearance. It is divided into two types, one has 2.5MPa anti-pressure ability, the other has 8MPa anti-pressure ability. Nylon tube is featured with low price and easy bending, but short lifetime. It usually used in low-pressure system as a substitution of copper tube.

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