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160 Ton CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Press Brake Machine 160 Ton CNC Hydraulic Metal Plate Press Brake Machine

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GLDMA 150 Ton CNC press brake is one of the most popular type. This tonnage is with 4 common length sizes: 150T/3200mm, 150T/4000mm, 150T/5000mm, 150T/6000mm. Absolutely, the worktable can be customized as clients' requirement to satisfy different needs.
150 ton hydraulic press brake
150 Ton press brake machine can process different metal material, no matter is carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper plate or stainless sheet, so it’s best choice for metal fabrication owners. This tonnage plate bending machine is suitable for max 3mm(6000mm worktable) to 6mm(3200mm worktable). Some thin and long parts can be produced by this tonnage, such as kitchenware processing, metal boxes producing, storage shelves making, interior design and decorating.

GLDMA CNC hydraulic press brake is with grating ruler, and CNC controller system can control synchronized movement of the two oil cylinders directly, to ensure best synchronized accuracy bending accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. Y1, Y2 axis precision reaches 0.05mm and X axis (back gauge) can reach 0.05mm precision. Moreover CNC type is standard with hydraulic compensation system, which makes whole metal sheet stressed in balance.

Basic controller in CNC press brake machine is Delem DA52S system. This one can be with up 4 axes( Y1, Y2, and 2 auxiliary axes). Other kind of CNC is DA56S, the basic machine control functions are Y1-Y2 and X axis, optionally a second back gauge axis can be used as R/Z or X2 axis. If 4 axes is not enough, there are also Delem DA66T, DA69T for selecting. These two can support 2D graphical touch screen programming mode and 3D visualisation in simulation and production.
150 ton press brake for sale
Some areas have a strict policy on producing security, so GLDMA also can offer different protection measures.

Firstly each machine is standard with protection fence, both in the left-right side and back. There is also a better applicant ------ light curtain protection, which is used infrared ray to detect dangers during machine running. Of course, the best one is laser security protection system, which is popular in Europe country. However, this applicant is with higher cost. Clients can choose the most suitable one based on their budget and expectation.

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