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2*400 Ton Tandem Press Brake 2*400 Ton Tandem Press Brake

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Business, especially when they need large pieces of metal bent, will look into getting large, single press brakes to handle the workload. However, tandem press brakes can handle similar length requirements and will still provide your company with capability you might lose with large press brakes.
800 ton hydraulic press brake
Tandem press brakes can:
  • Run together, singly, or at the same time independently;
  • Be set up with two different sets of tooling to increase efficiently in multi-stage bending;
  • Bend small pieces of metal alone or large pieces together.
When tandem bending machine used in the process, the cylinder which on both sides can synchronize its imports of electro-hydraulic. So to the relevant structure of grating ruler can form the unique mechanical closed loop.During the working process it will has certain accuracy at the same time, and the slide block in the process of running are more accurate.

What is more, its automatic in adopting this hydraulic shape compensation system also very important.The sliding block will influence the quality of work piece. But the compensation system and numerical control system can automatically adjust the relevant data, to ensure the convenience and accuracy in the process of in its use.

Not only that, but it also has a relatively complete function, and has the special effects of the backstop mechanism to provide better convenience for its systematic control.

In its functional components, such as the guide rail and the ball screw and the bearings required, the imported original is used to make it to ensure the accuracy of its use.

Besides the above performance advantages, in the design of the machine frame, we choose the unibody welding to make it in the process of transportation and processing can further maintain the machine in the application of higher precision.
2X400 ton tandem press brake
Additional advantages of 2 set 400 Ton Press Brake in tandem include:
  • Automatic positioning of the back gauge;
  • Programming of practical bending sequence;
  • Calculation of bottom dead center for accurate bending angle and top dead center;
  • Program various bending speeds;
  • Ability to select manual, semi-automatic, or automatic working modes for your project.
400 ton press brake
If you are interested in purchasing two press brakes to improve the efficiency and boost the capacity of your business, or to discover which press brake option is right for your application, contact GLDMA today. One of our press brake experts will be happy to give you a personal consultation that can assist you be more efficient in your specific applications.

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