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300 Ton Press Brake Machine 300 Ton Press Brake Machine

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300 Ton press brake machine is a middle tonnage size. Considering the pressure reaches 3000KN, the length of work table starts from 3200mm to 6000mm. Customers choose this size plate bending machine to produce different kind of spare parts, such as electric cabinet/box, storage racks and commodity shelves in supermarket, metal covers for small machine. You can find 300 Ton press brake in almost all kind of metal fabricating industry.

300 Ton CNC plate bending machine can be expanded up to 6 axes of back gauge as clients’ demands ------  X1, X2 axes for forward and backward movement, R1, R2 for upward and downward movement, Z1, Z2 for stoppers left and right running. All these flexible movement makes processing progress more efficient and precise. Besides, all the CNC machine is standard with crowning system, that is V axis, which can keep plate in level state.

With development of industry, more and more sophisticated can be produced in large quantity. How to realize it to be integration? It needs more advanced CNC control system. Now GLDMA press brake machine can be equipped with Delem DA66T even DA69T system. Besides it can add to more axes, this system even can connect outward plate feeder and robot arm. So that can reach really automatic production.

About the configuration, GLDMA chooses well-known brands through the world, so that on one side can guarantee quality, on the other side, it’s convenient for clients to get after-sale service on spare part in their local place. For examples, we use French brand Schneider electrical components, which is widely used all over the world. It has stable performance and client can get spare part easily at shop even on Internet.

We also can customize the machine as client’s need. Like color, appearance of machine, brand nameplate, even some non-standard size, these all can be suited for customers. Any problems can discuss with our employers. You will get a certain reply no matter on machine or skill help from GLDMA.

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