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600 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine 600 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine

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600 ton CNC press brake machine is a heavy model of such kind machine,it is often use in some big projects, such as shipping,auto making and so on.

For 600 ton press brake, the stability of frame is extremely important to the quality, to ensure the machine can be used for long time,the machine frame is integrated processed by large boring-milling machine, and also will be treated by the annealing furnace to eliminate the stress. Meanwhile, to improve the performance further, all the key machine parts we all adopt world famous brand, the electrical motor is from SIMENS Germany, the electrical components are from Schneider France,oil pump is SUNNY from USA, the valve is REXROTH BOSCH from Germany, the CNC control system is DELEM from Holland, ball screw and liner guide is HIWIN from Taiwan, China.

Because we have taken so many effective measures to ensure the quality, we have got many quality certifications so far, which are issued by world famous certification authorities,such as CE, SGS, ISO and so on.

You can choose different quantity of axis according to your detailed purpose, except base X and Y axis, you can add some other axis, including Z1, Z2, R1, R2, Y1, Y2 and so on, up to 18 axis, the more axis the machine have,the more advanced control system will be need,

The 600 Ton CNC hydraulic press brake machine can be equipped with DA66T system, which can offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling. 17" high resolution colour TFT, Full Windows application suite, user specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment and Sensor bending & correction interface.

The max width of plate the 600 ton bending machine can process is up to 6 meters,the depth of throat is 400mm, the slide stroke is 250mm, Max open height is 590mm, all these parameters can be customized according to the requirements of customer, the machine equipped motor with power of 55 KW.

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