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63 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine 63 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine

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GLDMA 63 Ton hydraulic bending machine is mainly consisted of machine frame, control system, oil cylinder , electrical system and so on. It is widely used in many industry fields, include sheet metal industry and construction field, such as wall frame, door frame, container and so on, especially for the thin plate, normally for stainless steel no more than 1.5mm, for carbon steel no more than 3mm, such as kitchen equipment, small piece process for other equipment.

When the bender machine working, usually the width of plate should not be more than 2500mm or 3200mm, the work piece linearity accuracy can be 0.5mm/m, the back gauge accuracy can be 0.05mm/m.

63 Ton hydraulic press brake machine has 2 axis, 3+1 axis or even more axis control to choose according to the requirements of the customer. 2 axis often refer to torsion bar type bending machine with E21, E200 or DA41 control system, this is simple system only can control X and Y axis, if you want to control more axis, you will have more choices, the most popular system we provide is DELEM system which is from Holland, the best sold model are DA52S, DA56S, DA66T and DA69T, the more axis you want to control, the more advanced system you will need.

Basic DA52S normally control X, Y1, Y2 and V axis, if you need to add more axis such as Z1, Z2, R1, R2 and so on,  you will have to choose DA56S or even more advanced system, Back gauge of press brakes machine is driven by servo motors,  high accuracy of CNC control system,  swift reaction. Upper slider of press brake is controlled by proportional valve which is controlled by CNC system,  to realize balance of the cylinders,  and make sure synchronous movement of both cylinders to increase bending accuracy.

The main spare parts we adopt are all world famous brand, such as Simens, Schneider, NOK and so on to ensure the excellent quality of machine, meanwhile, to make sure our machine body can work many years without any deformation, we apply the holistic processing and annealing furnace treatment.

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