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80 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine 80 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine

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GLDMA 80 Ton hydraulic bending machine is a very popular model, It is widely used in many small industry fields, especially for the thin plate, normally for stainless steel no more than 2 mm, for carbon steel no more than 4 mm, such as kitchen equipment, small piece process for other equipment. now, the 80 Ton press brake has 3 different length of worktable, 2500mm, 3200mm and 4000mm.

As a professional manufacturer, we always put the safety of worker first, we put the laser guider protection on the two sides of the worktable to protect the worker from accident injury,  also we put light curtain on the back of machine.

The 80 tons bending machine with excellent performance, our standard throat depth is 320mm, the ram stroke is 100 mm and the max opening height is 350 mm, but if you need to bend larger plate, we can increase these parameter, the work piece linearity accuracy can be 0. 5mm/m, the back gauge accuracy can be 0. 05mm/m.

Meanwhile, for better performance, most main parts we adopt world famous brand product, the main motor is from Siemens, electrical parts are from Schneider, valve is from Rexorth, sealing parts from NOK and etc. Also to make sure our machine body can work many years without any deformation, we apply the holistic processing and annealing furnace treatment.  So, because we have taken so many measure to ensure the quality, we have got many world famous certification, such as SGS, CE, ISO and so on.

For GLDMA CNC hydraulic press brake machine there are several control system for choosing, most popular are DELEM controller from Holland, include DA52S, DA56S, DA58T, DA66T and so on, the more advanced system, the more axis it can control.

The 80T hydraulic press brake machine is very easy to be installed, you only need to prepare the foundation and the electricity, after installation, you can test the machine if every function is ok, then you can put the machine into production.

If you have difficult in installation, we can dispatch the engineers to worldwide, no matter where is your factory, or we can guide you via internet. 

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