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Design Of GILDE Guillotine Shearing Machine Design Of GILDE Guillotine Shearing Machine

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With the continuous development of the industry, the accuracy of the machine is required to be higher and higher, so that the total output value of hydraulic shearing machines will increase in the future machinery industry. The higher the demand for hydraulic technology. In hydraulic shears, it is divided into pendulum shears and guillotine shears. The hydraulic pendulum shears are circular arc motions, and the circular arc blades are quite difficult to make. Generally, they are used as horns after blades. To make up, so the gap is not accurate, the cut out of the sheet metal is not very satisfactory, because it is curved movement, the blade can not be made into a rectangle, but should be made into an acute angle, so the force of the blade is not ideal Blade damage is also more severe. Therefore, GILDE has devoted more energy to the research and production of gate shears.

The GILDE guillotine shears adopt the framework structure of all-steel welding; four corners and eight sides of the right-angle rails, high precision, good rigidity, and hydraulic preload. Hydraulic system adopts two-way plug-in integration valve; the whole system adopts 'PLC' programmable logic controller; it can be equipped with digital display, photoelectric protection device and mobile worktable (easy to replace the mold), and the gate shear has the upper slide The double-acting function of the block and the lower hydraulic cushion, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted according to the process requirements within the specified range, and the operation is simple and convenient. With adjustment, manual and semi-automatic three modes of operation. The

In comparison, a hydraulic gate shear is a steel shearing machine that is easy to implement intelligent control and high-precision control. In the future, high efficiency, high precision, and high demanding industries can meet the demand. And in the design draw on some advanced technology and strive to design a high efficiency, high precision, high energy saving, green environmental protection hydraulic gate shears. At present, model of GILDE Guillotine shears model QC11K-16*3200mm and QC11K-16*3200mm are still in stock. You can arrange delivery within one week after receiving the deposit. Please feel free to ask for the price.

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