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GILDE Hydraulic Guillotine Shears Safety Operation Regulations GILDE Hydraulic Guillotine Shears Safety Operation Regulations

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GILDE Hydraulic Guillotine shears safety operation regulations

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine;

2. Before working, it is necessary to carefully check whether each part of the shears is normal, whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, whether the lubrication system is unblocked, and whether the oil quantity is sufficient (after the start of the oil pump, check whether the valves and pipes are leaking).

3. At the same time, ensure that the working area is clean, clear tools, measuring tools and other debris and corner wastes (forbidden to store on the workbench) on the surface of the countertop and its surrounding areas to avoid accidents caused by rolling into the knife edge. The

4. Before the air-running test, it is necessary to use a manual work cycle to confirm the normal operation before starting the equipment.

5. The finger feeding by the shearer operator should keep a distance of at least 200mm from the scissors mouth, and leave the pressing device away. Do not insert his hand between the upper and lower blades to avoid accidents;

6, blade edge should be kept sharp, such as blade blunt or cracking phenomenon should be promptly replaced.

7. The screen-type oil filter mounted on the oil suction port of the oil pump should always be checked and cleaned so that the oil filter can maintain the required amount of oil. If the oil filter is blocked, the amount of oil passing through will be reduced, which will make the oil pump suck empty. The life of the pump.

8. The return cylinder must not be filled with oxygen, compressed air, or other flammable gases. Apply aeration tools slowly when filling with nitrogen. Pressure gas must be vented before removing the return cylinder to avoid accidents.

9. The shear clearance of the shears shall be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet material. The blade shall be fastened firmly and the upper and lower blade surfaces shall be kept parallel. After adjustment, the manual test shall be applied.

10. In order to ensure safe operation, the pressing device shall firmly press the plate material during the cutting operation, and it shall not be allowed to cut under the pressure not tight. At the same time, it is forbidden to cut the laminated sheet material, and it is forbidden to trim the edge of the raw edge sheet material. It is forbidden to cut two kinds of sheet materials of different specifications and different materials at the same time.

11. It is not allowed to privately adjust other hydraulic valves except the throttle.

12. During operation, if abnormal noise or oil tank overheating is found, stop and check immediately (the maximum temperature of the tank does not exceed 60 degrees).

13. Clean the materials after the work is completed and routinely maintain the equipment.

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