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GLDMA New Design 100 Ton - 3200mm Press Brake GLDMA New Design 100 Ton - 3200mm Press Brake

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Press brakes are used to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die. There are several types of press brakes. Examples include a hydraulic press brake, folding equipment, bending machine, press brake tooling, CNC brake press, and a sheet metal press brake. A hydraulic press brake is designed for both specialized sheet metal work and continuous production applications. A hydraulic press brake is designed to handle tough industrial production jobs from single-cycle operations to automated cell components. Folding equipment can be used to stiffen new metal panels that would otherwise flap around, and to put lips on pieces of sheet that would normally need screws passed through the front face. A bending machine forms angles in sheet metal. Press brake tooling is used in cold-forming metal sheets or strips into desired sections. A CNC brake press is a computer numerically controlled, fully automated brake press with extensive bending capacity and networking function. A sheet metal press brake is used to bend and form sheet metal. Other press brakes are commonly available.

Now GLDMA both manufacture the CNC press brake and conventional press brake. Nowadays we make a new design of our 100ton-3200mm press brake which add the ball screw and linear guide. This will improve the machine working precision. Also we use the following machine during the fabrication:

- Floor-type Boring & Milling Machine
- CNC Lathe Machine
- CNC Machining Center
- Heat Treatment by Tempering Furnace

You may check the details :

Above equipment will help strengthen the machines and improve the quality and service life, but normally small factory don't have them,that is why we different with those suppliers who supply machines with cheap price. We always get what we pay for.

100 ton-3200mm size press brake is suitable middle size company which is doing metal processing work such as furniture, door, decoration. It is a economical choice and will be very helpful during your daily work. Now we have Estun E21, Estun E200P, Delem DA41 as our optional controller, also we can choose light curtain to protect our operators. We have many colors for you to choose, such as black and red, green and white.

GLDMA hope you can find your ideal machine.

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