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How to Adjust the Clearance of Upper and Lower Blades of Hydraulic Guillotine How to Adjust the Clearance of Upper and Lower Blades of Hydraulic Guillotine

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To many customers, they can easy to get how to adjust the clearance of upper and lower blades of small model hydraulic guillotine shearing machines. How every, it's do hard for them to adjustment big models like QC11Y-40*2500 mm or QC11Y-40*3200mm.

It is an important factor that affects the cutting quality and prolongs the service life of the blade. The correct adjustment of the blade thickness depends on the shear plate thickness. The machine tool converts the blade gap value to the plate material value directly on the gap dial.

The clearance between the upper and lower blades of the shear should be the same throughout the entire length. This shear shall be equipped with a supplementary tool holder on the worktable to be used as a micro adjustment of the uniformity of the gap between the upper and lower blades. The minimum clearance before adjustment is 0.05 mm at the factory. The user should not change easily during normal use. After the blade is used for a certain period of time, the blade must be adjusted. At this time, the blade gap uniformity should be renewed. The method is: the rotary switch on the control panel rotates to the point-down position, adjusts one by one with a feeler gauge, and fixes the lower blade auxiliary tool holder so that the upper and lower blade gaps are consistent in the entire length.

The adjustment of the shears blade also includes adjustment of the shear angle, the adjustment range is 0.5 degrees to 3 degrees, and should be selected according to the thickness of the sheared plate and the strength of the material when used. When the thickness is small, a small value is used, and the shearing can be improved at this time. Cut quality and work efficiency, take a large value when the board thickness, to prevent overloading the machine to ensure safety

The adjustment of the shears of the shears must pay attention to the fact that every change of the thickness of the plates must be adjusted in time in order to make better use of machine tools to create value.

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