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Hydraulic System Adjustment And Accumulator Pressure Checking Hydraulic System Adjustment And Accumulator Pressure Checking

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Sometimes if Guillotine shearing machine model QC11K-30*2500mm or QC11K-30*3200mm hydraulic systems occurs problems ,how to adjustment and how to Accumulator pressure checking? Don’t worry.

Turn on the power, select the switch to set the “jog position” and jog the “Jog on” and “Jog on” buttons, and the solenoid action should match the solenoid action table. The system uses a direct-current wet electromagnet. It can be used with a small iron such as a short saw blade to rest on the examined magnet to see if there is a suction force to judge whether it is energized or not, but when the knife holder presses the lower (or upper) limit switch It is normal for the electromagnet to have no action when the “point up” (or down) button is pressed.

Accumulator gas pressure check The nitrogen pressure of the accumulator needs to be checked regularly (about 30 days inspection), using the accumulator's nitrogen accumulator tool (the tool is placed in the accessory box), the tool's Use the instructions for use of the inflator. If the nitrogen pressure is less than 7MPa, it should be added.

Accumulator Charge When the machine is in use (or after the machine is repaired), if the accumulator pressure is insufficient (or need to be recharged), the oil should be filled in a timely manner. The specific procedure is: The rack runs to the top dead point. Start the oil pump, place the changeover switch in the cutting position, press the “filling button” button on the control panel, and release the button when the pressure gauge shows 9MPa.

Accumulator charging In the case of machine maintenance, commissioning or use, if you need to inflate the accumulator, follow the procedure below. Two 16L accumulators are used in the system setup. When inflating, after installing the inflation tool on the nitrogen bottle and accumulator, open the nitrogen bottle switch and observe the pressure gauge connected to the accumulator inflation valve. When the pressure gauge shows 6.5MPa, release the button and complete the inflation. Inflatable tool, tighten the accumulator gas filling valve nut.

If the nitrogen pressure in the nitrogen bottle is low, the above process can be repeated until the use pressure is reached.

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