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Technical Features

  1. CNC Controller: DELEM DA66T, Holland
  2. European standard Punch & Dies
  3. Main motor: Siemens Germany
  4. Oil pump: Bosch Rexroth,Germany
  5. Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth, Germany
  6. Foot Pedal Switch: Kacon, Korea
  7. Electrics: Schneider, France
  8. Ball screw & linear guide from HIWIN Taiwan
  9. Fully-Closed-Loop Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control
  10. Mechanical quick clamps
  11. V-axis hydraulic crowning
  12. Servo motors
  13. Photo-electric protection
MB8 8+1 axis CNC hydraulic press brake machine -DELEM DA66T main

CNC Controller: DELEM DA66T, Holland

CNC Controller: DELEM DA66T, Holland

3D visualisation in simulation and production. 2D graphical touch screen. Windows applications compatible.


European standard Punch & Dies

Standard or non-standard CNC bending machine tools can be customized for customers.


Main motor: Siemens Germany

Siemens motor used on the cnc press brake to ensure long service life and very low noise when working.


Oil pump: Bosch Rexroth,Germany

ensure long service life and very low working noise.Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system,which can assure no leakage,and the oil level can be read or seen directly.


Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth, Germany

Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance.Reduced noise: the particular installation choices allow to obtain especially moderate noise levels both on machines of average capacity


Foot Pedal Switch: Kacon, Korea

Safer, longer service life.


Electrics: Schneider, France

Schneider, France Stable France Schnerder Electrics Taiwan DELTA Frequency Converter to prevent X-Axis Swinging When Positioning.


Ball screw & linear guide from HIWIN Taiwan:

Backgauge adopts horizontal installation shell structure with high stability, singe shell double guide rail, high precision, X-axis drive, automatic CNC system.


Fully-Closed-Loop Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control

Fully-closed-loop electro-hydraulic serve control & Spain FAGOR grating ruler


Mechanical quick clamps

Changing the upper die safer and more efficiency.


V-axis hydraulic crowning:

To improve the accuracy of the bending angle and bending linearity.


Servo motors

Eight servo motors work with DA66t CNC system to control 8 axes (Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R2,R2,Z1,Z2) with high accuracy.


Photo-electric protection:

The detection precision reaches the highest accuracy of the international similar products 14mm, Fully guarantee the safety of the operator.

MB8 CNC 8+1 axis hydraulic press brake machine with DA66T system

  1. The machines Through the CE certification.The fuselage eliminates internal stress by annealing in tempering furnace and ensures higher precision and strength.All products are designed using SOLID WORKS 3D programming to ensure the precision of bending.
  2. The MB8 series electro-hydraulic bending machine uses CNC control system(Delem DA56s ,Dutch) to help you increase your productivity and keep the lowest cost and lower maintenance costs.High quality and repetitive bending is obtained by using synchronized cylinders and valves.
  3. The latest high frequency response hydraulic control technology, high speed, high efficiency and high precision.
  4. Optimal ratio of parameters and top-level core configuration ensure stable performance and easy operation.
  5. Rigid upper beam runs on 8-point bearings system with bending precision of +/-0.01 mm
  6. The press brake use fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo control technology, slider position signalsfeedbacked by bilateral gratings to CNC system to control the 2 cylinders(Y1,Y2)  running on the same frequency, keeping the parallel state of the workbench.

  1. 8- axis Dutch Delem DA66T CNC controller.
  2. Full synchronisation of 2 cylinders(Y1,Y1) with proportional hydraulic valve system and constant monitoring by CNC system to +/- 0.01mm accuracy.
  3. Linear guide rail and ball screw accuracy of 0.01mm(HIWIN,TAIWAN)
  4. Steel mono-block construction
  5. fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronously controls the system
  6. Standard electrics from Schneider,France.
  7. Standard oil tube connectors from EMB Germany.
  8. Standard valves and oil pump from Bosch Rexroth Germany.
  9. Standard main motro from Siemens Germany
  10. Hydraulic and electrical overload protection.
  11. Light guards ensure the safety of operators during operation
  12. 8+1 axes:Y1,Y2,X1,X2,Z1,Z2,R1,R1 and V axis
Serial No.Part DescriptionBrief instructionCountry of origin
1-CNC SystemDA56S controllerNetherland
2-Electrical componentsSchneider ElectricalFrench
3-Main MotorSiemensGermany
4-Servo Motor&DriveEstunChina
5-Back Gauge & RAM DriveInverter from DeltaTaiwan,China
6-Ball screw/ Liner guideHIWINTaiwan,China
7-Foot switchKACONKorea
8-Travel switchSchneider ElectricalFrench
9-Hydraulic SystemBosch-RexrothGermany
10-Hydraulic PumpSUNNYUSA
11-Tubing connectorEMBGermany
12-Seal RingNOKJapan
13-DieOne set standard tools from GLDMAChina
14-Front/Back Safety GuardGLDMAChina
15-Grating RulerFAGORSpanish
16-Standard fast clampGLDMACHINA
17-Standard axis3+1 (Y1、Y2、X+V)
1-Safety light curtainKELIChina
2-Laser Safety ProtectionFIESSLERGermany
3-Manual Crowning systemGLDMACHINA
4-E200P / DA41sEstun/DelemCHINA/Dutch
5-High level Fast ClampKYOKKOJapan
6-Deflection CompensationMechanical Compensation
7-Optional axisZ1,Z2,R
8-ControllerDELEM DA56,DA66TNetherland
Safety Configuration
1-Warning of high oil temperature■Yes                                   □No
2-High oil pressure protection■Yes                                   □No
3-Motor overload protection■Yes                                   □No
5-Left & Right side protection■Yes                                   □NoFixed type(metal)
6-Electricity leakage protection■Yes                                   □No
9-Safety standards■CE          □CSA          ■NR-12                  □OSHA

Liner guide way on back gauge

Adopting HIWIN ball screw and linear guide rail, accuracy 0.05mm.
The stroke can be lengthened if there is further demands on bending size.

Double servo motor & servo drive

Double servo motor & servo drive

X ,Y-axis adopt accurate positioning function through E200p/ DA41S controller programming and servo motor.
Higher servo response hydraulic control technology, the machine performance is more stable and reliable.

Delem DA41S/ Estun E200p controller

These two controllers both support servo drive.
The DA-41s also support Angle Programming and Die Parameters Setting functions.

Double servo torsion shaft NC series 2

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