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Press Brake Tooling

  1. V-molds
  2. 90-degree molds
  3. Acute angle molds
  4. Goose-neck molds
  5. Radius molds
  6. Curling molds
  7. Other non-standard molds

V-molds & 90 degree mold

V-molds is the most ordinary type. The lower molds can be made with different opening,
to handle a variety of metal material and bending angles. 90 degree mold is widely used
for bottoming operations. The opening dimension size depends on material and thickness.

V-molds & 90 degree mold
Acute angle molds

Acute angle molds

It is used to process acute, 90 degree,
and obtuse angles by adjusting how deeply the punch enters into the mold.

Goose-neck molds

It is named from its shape.
The punch is designed to ensure the clearance of already processed flanges.
It's suitable for some complex parts forming.

Goose-neck molds