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WC67K Tandem CNC Press Brake

  1. Controller: ESTUN E200P
  2. European standard Punch & Dies:
  3. Main motor: Siemens Germany
  4. Oil pump: Bosch Rexroth, Germany
  5. Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth, Germany
  6. Photo-electric protection:
  7. Electrics: Schneider, France
  8. Ball screw & linear guide: HIWIN, TAIWAN
  9. Servo motors:
  10. Mechanical crowning:
  11. Foot Pedal

Controller: ESTUN E200P

Servo control can realize the backgauge and high accuracy of the control block.One-way location, elimination of screw drive space...


European standard Punch & Dies:

Made by 42CrMo steel.According to customer demand custom standard and non-target upper and lower die.


Main motor: Siemens Germany

Top brand motor guarantees stability, low noise and safety.


Oil pump: Bosch Rexroth, Germany

Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance.Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system,which can assure no leakage,and the oil level can be read or seen directly.


Hydraulic System: Bosch Rexroth, Germany

integrate hydraulic valve block, hydraulic transmission with high reliability, integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.


Photo-electric protection:

The detection precision reaches the highest accuracy of the international similar products 14mm, the ability of anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-light interference and anti-environment interference has reached the highest technical level of international similar products.


Electrics: Schneider, France

Safety grade 4,safer,longer service life.


Ball screw & linear guide: HIWIN, TAIWAN

Backgauge adopts horizontal installation shell structure with high stability, singe shell double guide rail, high precision, X-axis drive, automatic CNC system.


Servo motors:

drive X-axis and Y-axis, ensure the positioning accuracy, unique designed synchronous transmission mechanism.


Mechanical crowning:

Ensures a constant bend angle across the full length of the machine.This is achieved by preloading the machine, to offset any possible deflection under load or compensate for any tool wear, so that under load contacting surfaces are parallel to each other.https://www.gldma.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/mechanical-crowning.jpg


Foot Pedal

Large tonnage &Tandem CNC series

  1. The machine meets the eu standard and obtains the CE certificate.The frame can eliminate internal stress by annealing, which ensures high precision and high strength.All products are designed with solid 3D programming, and the machine framework USES the latest technology enhanced st44-1 high quality steel.
  2. The WC67K series torsion axis press brake uses Estun E200P CNC controller to help you increase productivity and keep the lower cost and lower maintenance costs.
  3. USE the latest high frequency response hydraulic control technology, high speed, high efficiency and high precision.
  4. Optimal parameter ratio, best core configuration guarantee stable performance and more convenient for operation
  5. X and Y-axes realize accurate positioning function through E200P CNC controller programming and 2 servo motors.
  6. Newst servo response hydraulic control technology, makes the machine tool is more stable and reliable.

  1. Dutch Delem DA58T CNC controller.
  2. The whole structure of steel casting structure quench internal stress.
  3. Full synchronisation of two cylinders(Y1,Y2) with proportional hydraulic valve system and constant monitoring by CNC system to +/- 0.01mm accuracy.
  4. Linear guide rail and ball screw keep accuracy of 0.01mm(HIWIN, TAIWAN)
  5. fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronously controls the system
  6. Standard electrics from Schneider, France.
  7. Grating rules from FAGOR,Spainish.
  8. Standard hydraulic system from Bosch Rexroth Germany.
  9. Standard main motor from Siemens Germany
  10. Standard oil tube connectors from EMB Germany.
  11. Hydraulic and electrical overload protection.
  12. 3+1 axes:Y1,Y2,X and V axis
Serial No. Part Description Brief instruction Country of origin
1- Estun NC System    Estun E200P controller China
2- Electrical components Schneider Electrical French
3- Main Motor Siemens Germany
4- Back Gauge & RAM Drive Inverter from Delta Taiwan,China
5- Ball screw/ Liner guide HIWIN Taiwan,China
6- Foot switch KACON Korea
7- Travel switch Schneider Electrical French
8- Hydraulic System Bosch-Rexroth Germany
9- Hydraulic Pump Rexroth Germany
10- Tubing connector EMB Germany
11- Seal Ring NOK Japan
12- Die One set standard tools from GLDMA China
13 Front/Back Safety Guard GLDMA China
14 Safety light curtain KELI China
1 Laser Safety Protection FIESSLER Germany
2 Manual Crowning system GLDMA CHINA
3  E200P / DA41s                               Estun/Delem CHINA/Dutch
4 Fast Clamp                 KYOKKO Japan
Safety Configuration
1- Warning of high oil temperature ■Yes                               □No
2- High oil pressure protection ■Yes                               □No
3- Motor overload protection ■Yes                               □No
5- Left & Right side protection ■Yes                               □No Fixed type(metal)
6- Electricity leakage protection ■Yes                               □No
9- Safety standards ■CE         □CSA         ■NR-12         □OSHA

Tandem mode in large tonnage size

One switch can change working mode freely
Suitable for bending small and large pieces
Maximize the usage of machine

Tandem mode in large tonnage size
Leveling of two machine

Leveling of two machine

Adopt overall processing of machine structure
With furnace annealing treatment
The large model is standard with full-length crowning system

Precision tooling and installation

Support different types of tooling
Reasonable and scientific mold installation to ensure the stability of use
Sound after-sales team to provide installation and commissioning services

Precision tooling and installation

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