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Stroke adjustable mechanical power press – JV23 series

Stroke adjustable echanical power press - JV23 series

GLDMA JV23 series is not only mechanical type but also with adjusting stroke function, which can bring more processing possibilities in production work.

J23V series is from 25T to 160T. Stroke can be adjusted from at least 15mm (this depends on the tonnage of machine).

This series also can go with automatic feeder, to satisfy the high demand on productivity.

J23V is open type series with adjusting stroke function.
(1). C- frame provides maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life. Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation Compact. Thick plates and large columns provide you with the stable platform you need for your demanding application.

(2).Wide body frame eliminating vibration for improved IDE life and machine, which means economical and practical. Operation space is wide, and the movable bolster could be moved out of frame to set the die. The structure is simple and the appliance is also beautiful.

(3).High accuracy, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, good performance, favorable price and best service.

J23V Stroke Adjustable Power Press Machine Technical Parameters
Nominal PressureKN100160250400630800100012501600
Nominal Pressure Strokemm222.54455610
Slide Strokemm506070100100115130130130
Slide Stroke Timesmin-114010070505045404035
Max Closing Heightmm200250290350380410420420410
Connecting Rod Adjustermm404040606060606080
Distance Between Slide Centre and Machinemm130180200250280280320320360
Work AreaL-Rmm230280330420450500600650650
Diameter of Blank-holding Holemm95125130160190200210210210
Slider Underside BoreL-Rmm145180200250310300370380420
Size of Die Handle BoreDiametermm303540505060607080
Pole Distancemm170200230320350360400430530
Thickness of Spacermm304045708090100110120
Angle of Inclination°202020202020201313
Overall DimensionL-Rmm600780830110012001300130015001600
Hight above Floormm150017201950230024002600265028002900
Motor PowerRound Speedrpm140014001430142014401440144014401440
Weight (around)kg35070011002400310040005000730011000

Stroke adjustment

Manual die height adjustment with scale display. Use the combine of dry friction clutch
and brake pneumatic, rigid interlocking, reliable piece of friction material semi-metallic friction
material SMFM88, less pollution, long life. With the transfer torque, rotational inertia is small,
smooth transmission, flexible operation, convenient of installation and maintenance.

Stroke adjustment
C shape with inclinable work table type

C shape with inclinable work table type

J23 series is an open type, double column C-shaped integral cast iron piece,
the machine body is placed on the left and right legs, securely connected
together by bolts. A tilting bracket is equipped on the back of the machine body.
Turn the tilting screw can make machine body upright or tilted. The maximum tilt angle is 20°

Safety protection devices

Emergency button mounted on A type presses to stop slide within 0°-135°.
Light curtain and safety fence are optional.

Safety protection devices

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