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  1. Material: 9CrSi, SKD-11,6CrW2Si,Cr12MOV, SKH2 and other high-quality material
  2. Hardness:HRC50-63 for cold shearing,HRC45-63 for hot shearing
  3. High precision surface, burr-free
  4. Retangular section upper and lower blades, 4 edges to use
  5. Small orders accepted.
  6. Bade processed with high hardness, good resistence

Shears blades are available in different sizes depending on the size of the machine.

Choose a different material depending on the material being cut.

Commonly used materials: 9CrSi, SKD-11,6CrW2Si,Cr12MOV, SKH2, H13 etc.

Guarantee the blade surface smooth without burrs. Especially for special steel sheet such as silicon steel sheet cutting, blade edge using inlaid welding SKH2 and other high-speed high-quality.

Blade is sharp and durable. The product has high precision, especially in parallelism and verticality.